For Our Communities and Producers

To Our Valued Producers,
We hope this message finds you healthy and managing through these very difficult times. ATIC understands the unprecedented challenges that COVID-19 has imposed upon our lives both personally and professionally. ATIC is committed to doing our best to support our community and industry.
As government agencies, our industry, and companies work on ways to ease the burden of COVID-19, many of the recent initiatives put forth will provide our community with some much needed relief. In an effort to make this information a bit more accessible and meaningful, we have attempted to outline some of the relief measures we feel are of greatest interest to our business partners. Below, please find brief descriptions and links to information we hope you find useful.

New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) – Emergency Regulation

On March 29, 2020, the DFS promulgated relief provisions designed to help those suffering financial hardship due to the COIVD-19 crisis. In accordance with these regulations, ATIC will make available, to our policyholders who demonstrate financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following provisions:

 • ATIC will not cancel policies for non-payment of premiums with a cancellation effective date that falls during the period of March 29, 2020 to June 7, 2020. All such cancellations will be deferred for sixty (60) days, beginning on the original cancellation effective date.
 • ATIC will defer the payment of premium, including renewal deposits, with a due date between March 29, 2020 and June 7, 2020, and will allow such deferred premiums to be paid over a 12 month period.
 • ATIC will waive late fees on any premium payments that were due, but were not paid as a result of financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, during the period of March 29, 2020 to June 7, 2020.
 • If an ATIC non-payment cancellation notice has been received, please contact ATIC at phone number below and we will work with you to establish a new payment schedule to avoid cancellation.
Financial hardship can be demonstrated by submitting a sworn statement that payments cannot be made as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This statement does not need to be notarized.

Here is a copy of the ATIC policyholders notice.

For more information regarding these provisions, please call toll-free number 800-683-ATIC (2842) or e-mail

A full copy of the regulation can be accessed by visiting:

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act

The CARES Act “The Act” was enacted March 27, 2020 and is designed “to provide emergency assistance and health care response for individuals, families and businesses affected by the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.” The Act’s many elements are intended to help to keep people and businesses engaged in the economy. The Act is lengthy and touches upon many areas including: federally guaranteed lending, employee benefit, tax, labor and employment, healthcare, and investment management.

Perhaps most notable for small business (those with 500 or fewer employees) is the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The PPP makes loans available, through the Small Business Administration (SBA), aimed at helping small businesses (including sole proprietorships, independent contractors, and self-employed persons) maintain employees on payroll through the COVID -19 crisis. Loans may be used for payroll, interest on mortgage obligations, rent, insurance, paid sick or medical leave, utilities, and payroll related costs incurred from February 15, 2020 to June 30, 2020. Borrowers are eligible for loan forgiveness, subject to certain limitations. In addition, The Act allows for delay in the payment of employment taxes, making it easier for employers and self-employed individuals to meet their tax obligations.

With regard to individuals, The Act includes a stimulus payment to eligible individuals and provisions for augmented and extended temporary unemployment assistance benefits, expanding eligibility guidelines to include “gig workers” such as self-employed and part time workers.

For access to the complete CARES Act, please visit:
For more information on the Small Business loan guidance please visit:

Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC)

In keeping with the spirit of the CARES act and the DFS amendments, the TLC has outlined various programs to support our industry during this difficult time.

The GetFoodNYC Food Delivery program was created by the New York City to provide food for vulnerable and food-insecure New Yorkers not currently served by existing food delivery programs. The TLC is asking their licensed drivers to participate in this program. Drivers that sign up to deliver for this service will receive $15 an hour and reimbursement for mileage and tolls.

The TLC is also providing a For-Hire Vehicle License Storage Option. Effective immediately, the TLC will allow FHV owners to place their TLC Vehicle License “on-hold” for a period of no more than ninety (90) days. During this period, the automobile insurance policy will remain in effect.
For more details on GetFoodNYC, please

To access the TLC COVID information, please visit:
In addition to the relief programs mentioned above, ATIC has put in place new initiatives designed to bolster clients’ risk management practices as well as facilitate accident reporting.

Excelsior FHV Operators Risk Purchasing Group

Through Excelsior FHV Operators Risk Purchasing Group, ATIC is seeking to improve the daily lives of the for-hire drivers of New York City, by offering benefits beyond the mandatory automobile coverage, including access to a structured administrated framework for ‘Risk Management Services’ designed to enhance their insurability. Excelsior will introduce and coordinate safety programs, provide driver support and training services, and offer discount programs such as vision and dental services. Through membership in Excelsior, clients will have access to scientific driver performance data and analysis as a basis for managing goals and expectations with respect to safety and quality of service.

As a thank you to drivers who keep New York moving during this critical time, Excelsior members are eligible for a free car disinfecting kit. Please look out for additional information from us on Excelsior membership program, application form, as well as instructions on obtaining the free disinfecting kit.

The ATIC Accident Reporting Application (the “App”) allows our insured drivers and owners to directly upload real time incident information and photos, making accident reporting easier and faster. The App can be downloaded by visiting the Google Play/Apple store, and searching American Transit Insurance Company.

ATIC is here by your side, to work with you and assist you during this difficult time. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us at our toll-free number 800-683-ATIC (2842) or email us at

Wishing us all good health.

Legal Notice: The information contained in this notice conveys information from governmental agencies. American Transit Insurance Company (“ATIC”) does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and advises you to independently verify the statements contained in this notice. ATIC disclaims any liability it may incur if you, the recipient, misstates or misrepresents the contents of the information provided.