Forms & Documents

Forms and Documents

Application for Motor Vehicle No-Fault Benefits
This is the NYS Insurance Department Application for No-Fault Benefits, or NF-2 form. Please fill out and return to American Transit after an accident to determine if you are eligible to receive No-Fault benefits.

Report of Motor Vehicle Accident
This is the Department of Motor Vehicles MV-104 form. New York law requires all drivers to fill out this form to report a car accident within ten days if the incident resulted in more than $1,000 worth of damage and/or any personal injury. Please fill out and send one copy to the DMV Accidents Reports Bureau and send one copy to American Transit Insurance Co.

Form Five
This is the “Form Five” packet. This group of documents is sent out when there is physical damage to a car involved in an accident with our insured. If you have physical damage as a result of your accident, please fill out and return the “Form Five” top page to American Transit Insurance Co. while carefully reading through the entire packet of documents.