Excelsior FHV Operators RPG

Through Excelsior FHV Operators Risk Purchasing Group (“Excelsior”), ATIC is seeking to improve the daily lives of the for-hire drivers of New York City, by offering benefits beyond the mandatory automobile coverage, including access to a structured administrated framework for ‘Risk Management Services’ designed to enhance their insurability. Excelsior will introduce and coordinate safety programs, provide driver support and training services, and offer discount programs such as vision and dental services. Through membership in Excelsior, clients will have access to scientific driver performance data and analysis as a basis for managing goals and expectations with respect to safety and quality of service.

As a thank you to drivers who keep New York moving during this critical time, Excelsior members are eligible for a free car disinfecting kit. Member drivers wishing to obtain a disinfecting kit, may submit a request via the ATIC Accident Reporting Application (the “App”). The App can be downloaded by visiting the Google Play/Apple App store, and searching “American Transit Insurance Company.” It allows our insured drivers and owners to directly upload real time incident information and photos, making accident reporting easier and faster.

ATIC is here by your side, to work with you and assist you during this difficult time. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us at our toll-free number 800-683-ATIC (2842) or email us at COVIDRelief@american-transit.com